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Our fully responsive, SEO optimized pages load blazing fast getting your site to the top of search results.

Our SEO focused content is great for you website, but also for social media, email campaigns and more!

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Our customers tend to steal traffic from their competitors, thats kind of our job! 

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Our Process

Modern SEO is more than just stuffing some keywords and driving backlinks to your site. We have refined and perfected a unique yet dynamic process that is repeatable and scaleable for all busineses in all industries. 

Complete A Website Audit

An SEO audit is a deep dive into your website to see the current words your ranking for, and how they can be best targeted in search results.

Determine Keywords

Correct your Site Structure

Increase wordcount on site

Create SEO Focused Content

After determining the keywords, we want to target, its time to build content around those terms to get your site showing in search results

Unique and informational content

Optimized to rank in search engines

Relavant to your industry

Off-Page Optimization

After creating the content needed to rank, now its time to drive traffic and authority to the site through backlinks

High Quality News Sources

Niche Focused Websites

Absolutely no spam links

Check Out These Results...

Our Clients Rank #1 in Google Search

After being properly onboarded and providing us with the necessary infromation our team can quickly being the necessary work to get your website shown higher and more often in search results. Just check out these actual results our clients are seeing!

SEO for Small & Medium Businesses

Our packages are built for small and medium businesses to get into the SEO and conetent marketing game.

Optimizing titles ensures search engines know what your page talks about

Meta descriptions help attract clicks by giving users a preview of the page

Each image on your site needs alt text for the algorthyms to understand. 

GMB is the face of your business on Google and in search results

Have a physical location? We ensure Google knows who you are and where

Backlinks show search engines your credibility in the marketplace

More Traffic = More Sales - Overtime

SEO is a longterm game that takes months to optimize and fine tune. Thats why so many companies dont invest!

Those that do, reap the reward!

What Makes A Website Rank?

There are actually over 200 ranking factors for Google's algorthym. Thankfully there are a few main points that will get your site ranking without getting into all the details.

When running an SEO campaign, we need to show Google you're a leader in the industry and that you know what you're talking about.

Google needs users to understand and easily navigate your website. If too many people leave too quickly because they are lost. Your rankings will be right there with them. 

Also known as site structure, this includes meta titles, meta descriptions, H-tags, internal and external links, keywords, J-son Files and more. 

Don't know what any of these things are? Thats what were here for.

Testimonials From Our Valued Clients

"Slaterock has been assisting my company with search engine marketing and strategy for 1.5 years. They have been great to work with and my account manager that I work with directly has been a fantastic extension of my team. My online sales have doubled in the past year and I hope to further double my online sales this upcoming year. I feel very fortunate to have Slaterock as a vendor partner."

Dennis Jerry

“My experience with him was terrific, and there will be many projects I will entrust with him in the future, and go nowhere else. I offer my sincere endorsement of William and his team [Slaterock Automation] and when you work with him, you will be glad you did!”

Scott Holte

Smart Communications Corrections

“My experience working with William Mingione has been absolutely amazing. He is extremely thorough in his request and delivery and completes the job to perfection and, of course, to our satisfaction. I couldn't be happier with our website results. There are not enough stars to rate how satisfied we are with Wix and William.”

Cissy Garcia

Corpus Christi Police Foundation 

Our Pricing Plans

Each plan is designed to align with our typical customers needs. Because Search Engine Makreting has lots of factors, such as speed, competition, and expected results, we offer a custom package that is built for you and your business ONLY. 

Need help to finding out which package is for you?

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Still Have Questions?

Our team is here to help you get a better understanding of how our SEO packages work and how they can help drive more potential customers to your business. Not only that but we'll explain in detail, why SEO is crucial for businesses of any size.